Challenge yourself

14 days to transform your life, awakening your inner Power


Few exercices daily to change your habits, getting to know each other and to use your power for the purpose of reaching your goals of life. Don't worry if you don't have goals, this simple daily challenges will help you to clear your mind, purify your soul and balance your emotions...!

I feel grateful to share with you this new transforming experience.


What do you think of dedicating 5 to 10 min a day during 14 days to your personal transformation?

Commit you to yourself during this period and you'll be surprised. Doing littles actions everyday will help you reprogram your brain, specially if you go till the last day. But don't worry if you try and you don't end it, maybe it's not the right time for you, remember that you can always go back to start it again when ever you feel to. 

What will you need for this daily practice?

Only a pen, a notebook, few pieces of paper and your will to express the best version of who you are.

Here we go, Let's start!

Day 1

Sit into a comfortable posture, your spine straight, close you eyes and connect to your heart. Feel the sensation as you focus your energy here. Then you will tell yourself either inside or speak up "I feel ready to awaken the enormous transformative power i have inside myself" at least 3 times or all the times that you feel it will be necessary. If you feel to say something with your words, feel free to do it, as what is important is the intention you put into.  Then you will let you smile.

And you will do this exercice every mornings, smiling and saying three times the sentence you chose. 

Then take your notebook, write a title to introduce this inner journey, and write this sentence. So that you can come back to read it whenever you wish.

I will advice you to start paying attention to your feeling, thoughts and emotions during the day and this during the next few 20 days.

Day 2

Take your notebook, bring it to your heart, breath deeply three times. Then write at least 21 persons that inspired you. It can be someone you know as it can be a famous celebrity you don't necessarily know. Make sure everytime you write you vizualize how this person did influence your soul, connecting to the feeling that this person brought to your life. If you feel challenged to end up the list, give yourself some time, you might have more ideas later on the day. 

Day 3:

Into the same notebook, write your forces and your qualities. For this work you might need to start by a little meditation. Close your eyes into a comfortable posture, then connect to your heart. You'll give yourself permission to visualize how as you breath in, you are fulfilling yourself with self-love and self-confidence and as you breath out insecurities. Do it for few breath, exactly what you need to feel at peace with yourself. It's a good exercice for people with lack of confidence to help them being honest and realistic with themselves. They have a strong tendency to focus into what they don't have, as i used to do, instead of seing the beauty that resides into themselves. So stop comparating with others, see the unique attributes you have.

Day 4:

Today, we'll feel the power of gratitude. In psychology research, gratitud is associated with greater hapiness. Manifesting gratitud towards what you have will help you attract more abundance, feel emotions that will help you grow, relish good experiences, improve your health and build strong and sincere relationships.

So write into your notebook or tell to yourself, inward or speak up, all the things you are grateful for. If you feel there is nothing ou can feel grateful for, then i give you few examples: why not thanking the fact to feel warm in winter time, for the hot water you are showering with everyday,  for the comfortable bed you are sleeping over, for a simple smile you receive... The list can be infinite. 

Focussing the energy into what you have instead of what yo don't have will make a huge step into your personal life. This is what made me see things on a different way.

I would advice you to do it every morning after the "smile" and "affirmation" or before to go to bed till we end up this challenge. 

Day 5:

Let's keep on growing together, knowing ourselves a little more everyday. Do not forget to smile as soon as you wake up every mornings, repeating the affirmation and thanking life for its wonderful presents. 

For today, you'll write into a different piece of paper, this time, 7 goals of life. It can be the most basic as the most aventureous. Then you will put the strong intention to get closest to these goals, knowing that it's not the goal in itself that matters but more the way to get there, enjoying each step you'll do and using this strong energy of the beginning to push you forward. Having dreams or goals are not necessarily to complish them but they give you the power to move forward and go ahead.

You can as well write something that look impossible to realise for you. There is no limits, just the one you are putting to yourself.

If you feel it's challenging because you don't know what's making you vibrating, then just let this exercice for an other day, you might feel inspired later. One thing i ask you do do, it's stopping judging yourself. If you feel that something is blocking here, it's completely fine, there is no problem, it's just a question of time, be patient and go back later.. 

Then you will hide this papers wherever you feel to, into the house, appartement... For the purpose of forgetting about it and letting the magic of life doing its work... ! You might find them one day and be surprised!

Day 6:

Take your notebook again and write for today 3 defaults you consider that are not helping you to feel center to yourself. Try writing with honesty and without filters, you are talking to yourself. Do it with your heart and not only from the mind. If it can help close you eyes and repeat yourself that this exercices are helping you to know better yourself, even if we have to go through unpleasant stories. 

Day 7:

Take one of this 3 defaults you wrote just yesterday and look for a strategy of action, a daily program finding a solution to transform this default into something that is making you grow, seeing the positive side to make it an advantage for you. For example if you consider you are too lazy and you let yourself eat by this lazyness, during this period instead of staying on the couch looking on your phone, do 15 min sports...

After this challenge and if you wish you'll have the freedom to do the same for the two other defaults you wrote and as well if more came.

Day 8:

Today we'll talk about abundancy. On your notebook write the answer of this following questions:

1) What is really meaning "abundancy" for you?

2) Is abundancy only related to money?

3) In which part of your life would you like to attract more prosperity?

Now vizualize or draw what abundancy mean for you.  And think of 3 person that you consider "Prosper" that surrounds you.

Then i let you philosophy with this few words...Have you ever though that abundancy could be much more that just the financial and material part and could be as simple as enjoying a walk close to nature. Or it could be as sincere as listening music that makes you vibrating, being surrounded by people that inspire you or reading stories that make you travel!

Let you some time for this reflexion and you can repeat into your inner universe this sentence

"From now i attract abundancy with my thought".

Day 9:

What is your relationship with money? And do you believe you need to work a lot, doing plenty of efforts to attract money to your life? Money is an energy, the most you think you'll attract the most you will manifest. As well would you like to get detached from the idea that having a lot of money is not making you a good person? Imagine, with all the projects you have in mind, everything you could create more if you would have this financial prosperity!

From this date and till the end of this challenge each thing you will buy you will say speak low: 
"Every inversion is coming back 7 times to me". 

Be aware of how do you feel doing it.

Day 10:

What's about will power?

How do you consider your will? And how could you get this strong energy that pushs you forward to realise daily things and your project of life?

Write 1 things you've been planning doing later. From now and till the end of this exercices you will do everything to get closer to this point. Stop procrastination! 


Day 11:

Today we'll might start touching a sensible part, talking about parents. This is an important part of your personal development, so do not underestimate. Describe on your notebook your parents, its qualities and defaults, how did they inspire you and what did you learn from them. What allowed you to get closer to them or on the contrary taking distance from them. Be completely sincere with yourself. 

If your parents aren't anymore part of this world, the intention is the same.  

Focus at the level of your heart asking you this questions.

Day 12: 

Ask to your parents what was their most disapointment into their life, their biggest pain. 

Then ask them what is the dream they still did not to complish, they haven't complish yet.

And observe if there is some similarities with your personal way you might inconsciously repeat. 

Day 13:

A special day to talk about forgiveness. Have you ever thought that been angry at someone would cause you more injuries to yourself than towards this person? Why not letting go the stories your mind is repeating constantly? Forgiving someone, not specially for this person but because you deserve to find peace into yourself. Forgiveness doesn't denying what happened or forget, but is just letting go this resistency to retablish the serenity you wish to meet into your heart.

So vizualize someone that might have hurt you on the past, or someone that put you specially uncomfortable. This person can be yourself, sometimes we guilt ourselves for some actions of the past. So please give yourself permission to free your soul, you deserve to feel this freedom. Self-forgiveness is actually the first step to self-realisation.

And write him/her or to yourself a letter of forgiveness. let go out all emotions that could come, allow yourself to feel them, cry, screem... dance everything that makes you liberating from this pain.

Then stay still and observe your state. If you feel it's too hard or too early to do it, let it for an other time. You can as well repeat to yourself "I sincerely decide to of the person or yours" everyday till you feel ready to write it and let go. 

Day 14:

Thanks for having arrived till here, you can be proud and grateful of your efforts. If you still do not notice changes into your life, just let you some time, releasing all expectations about having a result but knowing deep into your heart that you deserve to feel this grace and it will come at the right time.. It will take the time it need to take and that's fine! :) Everything you are doing has a influence to your person even if you do not see anything yet, with this challenge you've been planting a seed and every day you will water it letting you surprised when this spendour will go out at the surface! 

Sothis last exercice is very simple, you will share with others what did help you during this course. Which exercice touched you the most? Which one was the most transformative one for you?

If you feel that it could help someone around you or it can be beneficial for other, just advice him/her to think of it. Helping people to find their inner light is for me the most precious thing. But be careful not wanting to change them, doing it from your heart and uncondicionally. 

For example if ou feel that someone is mostly ungrateful, propose to him to write everyday things for what he/she feels grateful for..

Let your imagination work and your heart guiding it... Wish you the best...