The mysterie of chakras

Exploring each level of consciousness


Chakras? What a special concept!

Chakras are energetic wheels that we find around the physical body. We cannot see them through our eyes even if some people do but we can feel them. They are connected to the physical body to specific glands. We have 7 chakras and each chakras represent a different characterictic of our personality. They have a strong influence on our mental state, emotions but as well at the physical level and energetic level.

Muladhara Chakra, The Root Chakra


Muladhara Chakra is localisated on the physical body at the base of the spine, between genitals and anus. Its color is red and its element is Earth. Connected to Suprarenals glands at the physical level, the root chakra is the base of the chakra system, the one that represents the foundations of the house. We need to have a strong base if we want to built a strong house, that's why it's connected to the vital energy. It's the source of our vitality. Connected as well to security and safety, it's the chakra of survival. It's providing us the most basic needs.  

Swadisthana Chakra, The Sacral Chakra

We find Swadisthana on the pelvis area, two fingers above the pubic bone. Connected at the physical body to the sexual organs. Its color is organge and it's element is water. That's actually why the second chakra is related to flexibility. Flexibility of the mind and of the body. This is the center of emotions. While some people experience strong unbalanced emotions other have flat emotions. 

Swadisthana Chakra is as well related to our relationship with pleasure, as the sexual pleasure. It's the center of our creative energy, the center of creation, creating life as creating everything around us. It's the chakra of social skills and the one that put us on movement.

Manipura Chakra, The Solar Plexus

The third chakra is at the level of the solar plexus, between the belly bottom and the sternum. Connected to the Gland Pancreas, it's guiding the digestive system. Having an unbakance third chakra can manifest by digestive troubles. The color that represent it is yellow and the element is fire. Representing our inner fire it's the place of transformation. Where everything that is not serving anymore is getting burnt and transformed into this wonderful force that is pushing us forward to realise all the amazing projects we deserve to create, at every level of our life. Dynamism, optimisism, will power, charisma, self-confidence, are some of the qualities you are getting working at this level.

Anahata Chakra, The heart Chakra

This wonderful place is found between the chest. This is the place where resides self love and the love we manifest towards the world and to people. Its color can be green or pink and its element is air. Thymus is the gland of the body that the heart chakra is linked to, controlling lungs and heart as well. Related to Compasion, Empathy, Altruism, tolerance and as well acceptance. Accepting things how they are especially when we cannot change them is staying in peace with our heart, loving this world the way it is. To reach this level it's important to start with forgiveness and furtermore self-forgiveness.

It is as well the energetic center of our energetic body, connecting the three first chakra that are more terrenals and the three last chakras considered as the spirituals one.  

Visshudha Chakra, the throat Chakra

At the level of the throat we find this fifth center of force. Connected to space and time, including the all other fourth elements from the fourth first chakras. Its color is blue. Its just manifesting the power of self-expression. The way we express the wonderful being that we are and the way we communicate to others. As te second chakra is a center of creativity. Expressing this infinite creativity we have into our heart. The gland we heal as we heal the fifth chakra is the thyroid.

Ajna Chakra, the Third Eye

The sixth chakra is localisated at two fingers above the eyesbrow, on the middle of the forehead. Its colors is indigo and there is no more elements related to it. 

It's the power of intuition and clarity. where we can see beyond appearances, and beyong the physical world. Some people as we call them "clairvoyant" are able to perceive other dimensions and seen things that the most of the people cannot. It is connected as well to ability of analysis and synthesis, a strong memory and cleverness. It's the center of the mind and the command of the other five other chakras, the one that controls our sexual energy. Balancing this chakra we'll get to calm the mind to help ourselves connecting more to our heart.

Sahasrara Chakra, the Crown Chakra

we arrived at the top of the chakra system, our last and wonderful one that we have at the top of the head, at the level of the crown. Its color is purple or white. It's our connection with the divine, the universe, God, life, our higher self, each one call it the way it feels the most comfortable with. Relating to transcendance, transcending suffering and pain to reach bliss and what the yogic practicioners call "Samadhi". To reach this final stage of Ecstasy, we'll go through the process of detachment. Being able to enjoy this outstanding world without getting attached to it is a goal for most of the yoga practicioners.